Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cotton Candy


My name is Cotton Candy, I'm a little ratty born July 15, 2012.

When I was a month old and lived with my mom and my brothers a big rat escaped from his cage and attacked us.
One of my brothers was bitten by a front paw and my the two front paws. Our owner quickly took us to the vet and there he put us a mask with a strange gas and we fell asleep. When I woke up my brother was not here and I missing my two front legs.
Little by little I have grown accustomed to walking on two legs
, eat, play, and jump! The hardest thing is to clean the face and back areas, but my owner helps me every day

 I say goodbye until the next update with a picture of me in my favorite bed   <<:3)))~~~


cgoehring78 said...

Cotton Candy, the Special Rat. Powered by Love.

KlaRA Desgaspards said...

Cotton Candy est un petit rat plein de courage!!!!!<3

Cotton Candy said...

Thanks!! <3

Kat Heuser said...

You're a gorgeous little rattie Cotton Candy, i almost cried when i saw your youtube video, not from being sad but from how happy and strong and amazing you are. I send you lots of love, hugs, and kisses and i hope to see more photos and videos of you having fun. Well done Cotton Candy you are a gorgeous and very special little girl!!!!!! xoxo

Patrice Tubbs said...

We'll said!My feelings were similar. She is amazing to see.

scrubjay93 said...

Cotton Candy you have the cutest name! I know you will do just fine without those legs because ratties are such joyful critters when they have a loving human friend and they aren't in pain or fear. Plus, aren't ratties made for sleeping in soft hammocks? I'm sure you have too much energy to be satisfied with that right now. My shelter rats say hi! :)

Anabrese said...

Love to you Cotton Candy, you are beautiful and an inspiration, love xxx

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